European High Performance Crypto Coin Exchange
for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

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High Performance Matching Engine

High Performance Matching Engine

No downtime and low latency matching engine built by experts on the field, that is able to process thousands of trades per second. Highly Available Platform build from the ground up to scale and process under high loads.

Enhanced Protection for Wallet Keys

Enhanced Protection for Your Crypto Assets

Secure Wallet Service using Hardware Security (HSM) devices to store your crypto assets and execute crypto operations securely.

Low Trading and Withdrawal Fees

Low and Fair Fees

Subscription plans and trade discounts available for Eucoin token holders. Small fund withdrawal spreads and ultra low Intrument tick sizes compared with other exchange players.

Responsive Support Line

Responsive Support Line

World-class support that never leaves you hanging for an answer. Premiere support for humans, by humans.

Futures and Options on your favorite coins

Futures and Options for your favorite Crypto coins.

Wide range of derivative assets for your favourite coins. Derivatives are financial contracts, like futures contracts or options, that derive their value from other underlying crypto asset (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ...).

Fair Trading and Withdrawal Fees

Intuitive and customizable Trading UI

A slick and clean Trading design that allow the most demading trader to follow the market state and act quickly. Realtime order book and ticker updates.


  • Q1 2018 Build the Eucoin team We committed to assemble a team with proven expertise on the FinTech and exchange industry.
  • Q1 2018 Concept design & architecture Our aim is to create the most reliable and safe cryptocurrency trading platform and become the No.1 European marketplace.
  • Q1 2018 Early bird registration & engagement with crypto communities Early engagement allows to better assess the community needs and plan a successful integration of tokens/coins into our platform.
  • Q1 2018 Legal counseling Acquiring licensing & legal experienced counselling is crucial to ensure a smooth transition to the European regulatory milestones.
  • Q1 2018 Coin Wallet Program (Stage 1) The top 5 projects voted in our poll will be contacted to verify requirements for stage 1 admission on our Wallet Service.
  • Q2 2018 White Paper release To share the vision, features and ensure a transparent communication of the project to the crypto community.
  • Q2 2018 Announcement of admitted token/coins Publish the list of tokens/coins that met the Eucoin coin/token wallet program requirements.
  • Q2 2018 Pre-ICO registration opening We will open a registration period for interested investors to join our pre-ICO investor list.
  • Q2 2018 Pre-ICO open for early investors The Pre-ICO will be available for the selected investors after veting legal requirements.
  • Q2 2018 Eucoin ERC-2.0 Token release Eucoin token smart contract to be released on Ethereum main network.
  • Q3 2018 ICO open for retail investors Retail investors that meet crowdfunding legal requirements will be able to invest on Eucoin tokens.
  • Q3 2018 Trading platform opens up for End User Testing Early registered users will be allowed to test the platform, report issues and contribute to the product maturity.
  • Q3 2018 Exchange opening for early bird registrations Eucoin platform opens the first trading pairs to waiting list users.
  • Q4 2018 Platform fully operational All the designed features and trading pairs that finished the Coin Wallet Program will be available on the Platform.

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